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About Me

My life began like most lives, I was born into a family in the sate of Tennessee in 1948. From what I was told by my parents it was a good year for our country because the end of a horrific war had ended and young men who survived had returned home to their families and restarted their lives.

My dad was not called into the military due to a blind eye but did work for our country at a place that was a big secret to those who wished to destroy our country. He worked at Oak Ridge, Tennessee, where the atom bomb was created.

After the end of the war, he returned to his hometown and lived the life of most young men in the pursuit of someone to love an with whom he could share his life. Along came my mom who was a beautiful young farm girl five years his junior. She was looking for better economic opportunities and had come to work in town.

Coming soon you will find my book titled “Here I Am” on Ebook. The story begins with a horrific event that took place in my hometown July 1992. It is a story of God’s grace, mercy and hope.

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